Medal Placings Are Online Now

results medal placings

We are pleased to say the medal placings are online for the 1st Global ITF Cyber Championships.

Our judging panel consisted of 3 senior Masters and 7 Sabums from 4 different countries, each scored performances and an average score  was calculated to determine final placings.

Thank you once again to all who supported this event.


Individual Patterns

Under 8 (combined)
1st – Olivia McCuish United Kingdom; 2nd – ZACHARY HO Hong Kong

Male 11-13 Gups (4th – 6th Gup)
1st – Timothy Falkner Australia; 2nd – DAMIEN HO Hong Kong; 3rd-Bryce Hilsabeck Australia

Male 11-13 (1st – 3rd gup)
1st – Makai Holroyd New Zealand; 2nd – XI QI TEH Malaysia; 3rd – ZONG JIAN GOH Malaysia

Male 11-13 (Black 1st Deg)
1st – Kaustubh Lole U.S.A.; 2nd- Ronan Gordon Australia; 3rd -KWOK HING, HARRY HO Hong Kong

Male 14-17 (4th – 6th Gup)
1st – Jonathan Falkner Australia; 2nd – SOON TECK LOH Malaysia; 3rd – JIA HONG, ANDREW TANG MALAYSIA

Male 14 -1 7 (1st – 3rd Gup)
1st – Ragib Khyaju Nepal; 2nd – Kunsang Tamang Nepal; 3rd – Utsab Giri Nepal

Male 14-17 (1st & 2nd Degree)
1st – Ethan Kruger Canada; 2nd – Mason Holroyd New Zealand; 3rd- Kyle Forrest United Kingdom

Male 18-29 (4th – 7th Gup)
1st – JP Mac Pherson New Zealand; 2nd – Dylan Crawley Australia

Male 18-29 (1st – 3rd Gup)
1st – Joshua Bleakley New Zealand; 2nd – ZI JIAN LIU MALAYSIA; 3rd – LINN WEN CHING MALAYSIA

Male 18 -29 (1st & 2nd Degree)
1st – Michael Stewart Australia; 2nd – Joshua Zdybel Australia

Male 18 -29 (3rd & 4th Degree)
1st – David Jue USA; = 2nd – JIN CHENG NG MALAYSIA; = 2nd Connor Nicholls Australia

Male 30-49 (6th Gup – 10th Gup)
1st – Anson Chung Hong Kong; 2nd – Dariusz Redel Australia

Male 30-49 (1st – 3rd Gup)
1st – Marcin Kukialka New Zealand; 2nd – Brendan Baker Australia

Male 30-49 years (1st & 2nd Degree)
1st – Cheyene Keating Australia; 2nd – Hamish Carter Australia; 3rd – James Montier UK

Male 40-49 (4th & 5th Degree)
1st – Carlos Cajigas Puerto Rico; 2nd – Tim Telcik Australia

Male 50+ (5th – 9th Gup)
1st – Ian Oates United Kingdom; 2nd – Mark Greenhalgh United Kingdom

Male 50+ (3rd Degree)
1st – Richard Glennie Scotland; 2nd – Darren Herpich Australia; 3rd – Michael Presnail USA

Male 50+ (4th – 7th Degree)
1st – Kerry McEvoy New Zealand; 2nd – Ruaki Kaiou Cook Islands; 3rd – John Juretich United States

Combined 8 – 10 years (5th – 6th Gup)
1st – To, Ean Chen Hong Kong; =2nd – ZHONG HONG GOH Malaysia; = 2nd – JIA ZHEN, JARON CHONG Malaysia

Combined 8-10 years (1st Gup)
1st – KWOK CHEUNG, EDWARD HO Hong Kong; 2nd – Abigail Montier UK; 3rd – Ellen Oates United Kingdom

Female 11-13 (1st – 4th Gup)
1st – Swikriti Bastola Nepal; 2nd – Reshma Lungeli Nepal

Female 11-13 (1st Degree)
1st – Mia Home Wales; 2nd – Charlotte Montier UK

Female 14-17 (7th – 10th Gup)
1st – Alysia Redel Australia; 2nd – Amy Zhang United Kingdom

Female 14-29 (2nd – 5th Gup)
1st – Purnima Karki Nepal; 2nd – Lillian Duncan Australia; 3rd- -Natasha Turner United Kingdom

Female 14-17 (1st Degree)
1st – Kody Bateman Canada; 2nd – Ketaki Lole U.S.A. ; 3rd – Nikita Nunn Australia

Female 14-17 (2nd Degree)
1st – Marisa Zervos Canada; 2nd – Paris Newton Canada; 3rd – Nikki Olzard Australia

Female 14-17 (3rd Degree)
1st – Chloe Gavin Scotland; 2nd – Joanna Gendall UK

Female 30+ (3rd – 4th Degree)
1st – Ashleigh McNae Australia; 2nd – Grace Brogan Scotland; 3rd – Pui Sze Lo Hong Kong

Female 40-49 (2nd gup – 7th gup)
1st  – Andrea Back Scotland; 2nd – Emma McCuish United Kingdom

Female 40+ (1st Degree)
1st – Lorelei Lucero Canada; 2nd – Suzanne Trevor Australia

Team Patterns

Junior Gups
1st – Greenfields Taekwondo Team A Malaysia; 2nd – Greenfields Taekwondo Team B Malaysia; 3rd  -DEREK FIST SPORTS Hong Kong

Adult Black Belt
1st – Greenfields Taekwondo Malaysia; 2nd – UKTC Scotland; 3rd – One Life TKD Australia

Adult Gups
1st World Class Taekwondo New Zealand; 2nd – Geelong Taekwondo Australia

Self Defense

1st – World Class Taekwondo New Zealand

Multi breaking

Junior Gups
1st – YUVRAJ SINGH – India

Junior Black Belts (male)
1st – Ethan Kruger – Canada

Junior Black Belts (Female)
1st – Marisa Zervos  Canada; 2nd – Kody Bateman Canada; 3rd – Paris Newton Canada

Senior Black Belts
1st – Lorelei Lucero Canada; 2nd – Julian Booth Australia; 3rd – James Montier UK



For those who missed out on competing this time around, or want to put your skills on the line against a different mix of competitors, you are welcome to enter our next event.