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TaekwonDo Terminology

The following TaekwonDo terminology page links provide the student and instructor with all the Korean translations needed to conduct ITF Taekwon-Do classes.

It is a useful resource to help instructors and students develop effective communication with students in your own dojang or anywhere around the World.

We cover all the most commonly taught techniques and instructional commands .

To preserve the heritage and authenticity of Taekwon-Do, instructors should endeavour to incorporate the Korean terminology into their instructional vocabulary.

Some instructors are reluctant to incorporate the Korean terms due to their uncertainty with pronunciation. This is best overcome by training with Korean instructors, or observing those who have.

Definition of Taekwon-Do

Tae” means “foot” or “to strike with the feet”. “Kwon” means “hand”, or “to strike with the hand”. “Do” means discipline, art, or way.

Hence TaeKwonDo (foot-hand-way) means literally “the art of the feet and the hands” or “the art of kicking and punching”.

Different schools may use different variations on the formal definition. For example, some styles add the words “self defense” to the literal definition or incorporate the phrase “physical and mental training”.

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