TaekwonDo Kicks

taekwondo kicks

Below is a list of Korean Terminology for most of the Taekwondo kicks taught in the ITF Syllabus.
Ap Cha Olligi                                 Front Rising Kick- using Apkumchi
Yop Cha Olligi                               Side Rising Kick- using Balkal
Anuro Bandal Chagi                Inward Crescent Kick
Bakuro Bandal Chagi              Outward Crescent Kick- using Balkal
Ap Cha Busigi                               Front Snap Kick- using Apkumchi
Yop Cha Jirugi                             Side Piercing Kick- using Balkal
Dollyo Chagi                                  Turning Kick- using Apkumchi
Dwit Cha Jirugi    
                        Back Piercing Kick- using Balkal
Bandae Dollyo Chagi                Reverse Turning Kick- using Dwitchook
Golcha Chagi                                 Hooking Kick- using Dwitchook
Moorup Chagi                               Knee Kick
Twimyo Yop Cha Jirugi           Flying Side Kick- using Balkal
Yop Cha Tulgi                               Side Thrusting Kick- using Apkumchi
Cha Busigi
                                       Stamping Kick- using Balkal
Naeryo Chagi                                Downward Kick- using Dwitchook
Bandae Golcha Chagi              Reverse Hooking Kick- using Dwitchook
Bituro Chagi                                  Twisting Kick- using Apkumchi
Sewo Chagi                                     Vertical Kick- using Apkumchi
Cha Mum Chagi                           Checking Kick
Goro Chagi                                      Sweeping Kick
Twimyo Ap Chagi                         Flying Front Kick- using Apkumchi
Twimyo Dollyo Chagi                 Flying turning Kick- using Apkumchi
Twimyo Bandae Dollyo Chagi Flying Reverse Turning Kick
Twimyo Yop Cha Jirugi              Flying Side Piercing Kick- using Balkal
Twimyo Yop Cha Tulgi                Flying Side Thrusting Kick- using Apkumchi
Twimyo Nopi Chagi                       Flying High Kick- using Apkumchi
Twimyo Bituro Chagi                   Flying Twisting Kick- using Apkumchi
Yonsok Chagi                                   Consecutive Kick- i.e. Turning/Back
Gokgaeng-i Chagi                           Pick-shape Kick
Twimyo Sangbang Chagi            Flying Two Direction Kick (Split Kick)
Pihamyo Bandae Dollyo Chagi Dodging Reverse Turning Kick
Moorup Ap Cha Busigi                  Knee Low Front Snap Kick
FOOT – attacking tools
Apkumchi             Ball Of The Foot
Baldung                 Instep
Balkal                      Footsword
Balk Kut                 Toes
Dwitchook            Back Heel
Moorup                  Knee
Balbadak              Sole Of Foot
Dwit Kumchi       Back Sole
Yop Baldung       Side Instep
Twimyo Chagi     Flying Kick
Jok – Gi                    Foot Technique

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