Self Defense Sequences

self defense sequences

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Is Taekwon-Do, the art of Self Defense ?

Whilst we commonly associate high kicking and ‘tournament sparring type’ movements with Taekwon-Do, most of these techniques are performed at long range (i.e. at full extension), it is vital that students and instructors do not overlook close range techniques.

Taekwon-Do, after all, was originally developed by General Choi Hong Hi, as a form of unarmed combat for the purpose of self-defense.

Self-defense situations, as we all know, are most likely to be at close range. That is, it is not always possible or practical to throw ‘flashy’ stereotyped Taekwon-Do kicks due to the close proximity of your attacker.

Many high ranking Taekwon-Do practitioners and successful tournament ‘fighters’ often come unstuck in ‘real’ situations because they cannot distinguish between modified tournament techniques and situations, and potentially devastating self defense movements to create maximum impact and immediate results.

At close range, your reaction time needs to be fast, and the techniques you choose need to be effective.

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