Tools for Blocking & Attacking

blocking tools

Below are listed all the Korean Terminology for Fundamental Movements utilizing Blocking and Attacking tools, along with instructional commands.

Blocking and Attacking Tools

Ap Joomuk                       Forefist
Dung Joomuk                 Back Fist
Yup Joomuk                    Hammer Fist
Sonkal Dung                    Reverse Knifehand
Sonkal                                 Knifehand
Sonkut                                Fingertips
Palkup                                 Elbow
Dung Palmok                    Back Forearm
Komson                               Bearhand
Pyon Joomuk                    Palm Heel
Joongi Joomuk                Middle Knuckle Fist
Sondung                              Backhand
Inji- Fore                             Knuckle
Bandalson                          Arc-hand

Blocking and Striking Techniques (JIRUGI & TAERIGI)

Ap Joomuk Jirugi                 Forefist Punch
Ap Jirugi                                     Front Punch
Yop Jirugi                                  Side Punch
Sang Sewo Jirugi                   Twin Vertical Punch
Sang Dwijibo Jirugi              Twin Upset Punch
Kyocha Jirugi                           Vertical Punch
Ap Joomuk Ollyo Jirugi      Forefist Upward Punch
Dung Joomuk                            Back Fist
Sonkal Yop Taerigi                 Knifehand Side Strike
Sun Sonkut Tulgi                    Straight Fingertip Thrust
Opun Sonkut Tulgi                 Flat Fingertip Thrust
Dwijibum Sonkut Tulgi       Upset Fingertip Thrust
Sonkal Naeryo Taerigi          Knifehand Downward Strike
Wi Palkup Taerigi                    Upper Elbow Strike
Nopunde Sonkal Anuro Taerigi        Knifehand Inward High Strike

Nopunde Sonkal Dung Anuro Taerigi     Reverse Knifehand Inward High Strike

Songarak Joomuk Jirugi        Knuckle Fist Punch
Sang Yop Palkup Tulgi             Twin Side Elbow Thrust
Dung Joomuk Yop Dwit Taerigi       Back Fist Side Back Strike
Soopyong Jirugi                            Horizontal Punch
Joongi Joomuk                               Middle Knuckle Fist
Dung Joomuk Naeryo Taerigi     Back Fist Downward Strike
Opun Sonkut Bakuro Gutgi          Flat Fingertip Outward Cross Cut
Sonkal Twimyo Dolmyo Taerigi    Knifehand Mid Air Strike
Bandalson Bandal Taerigi               Arc-hand Crescent Strike
Sang Sonkal Anuro Taerigi            Twin Knifehand Inward Strike
Twimyo Yonsok Jirugi                       Flying Consecutive Punch
Sonkal Ap Naeryo Taerigi                 Knifehand Front Downward Strike
Dung Joomuk Nopunde Yop Taerigi   Back Fist High Side Strike
Nopunde Bandal Jirugi                      High Crescent Punch
Kaunde Dollyo Jirugi                           Middle Turning Punch
Doo Songarak Tulgi                              Double Finger Thrust
Dung Joomuk Ap Taerigi                   Back Fist Front Strike
Opun Sonkut Nopunde Bandae Tulgi        Flat Fingertip High reverse Thrust
Sang Sonkal Soopyong Taerigi         Twin Knifehand Horizontal Strike
Bandalson Nopunde Bandae Taerigi      Arc-hand High Reverse Strike
Sang Inji Joomuk Bandal Jirugi       Twin Fore-knuckle fist Crescent Strike
Pyon Joomuk Nopunde Bandae Jirugi      Open Fist (Palm) High Reverse Punch
Dai-te                                    Release movement (i.e. in Sun Sonkut Tulgi etc.)
Gutgi                                     Cross cut (i.e. as with flat fingertip cross-cut movement)

Crescent                 Bandal
Turning                  Dollyo
Horizontal            Soopyong
U Shape                  Digutja
Back                          Dwit


Back – Dwit
Straight – Sun
Double Side – Jau
Side – Yop Upper – Wi
Front – Ap
High – Nopunde
Sang Yop – Twin Side
Sun Palkup Naeryo Tulgi    –  Straight Elbow Downward thrust
Yop Palkup Tulgi        –           Side Elbow Thrust


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