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Strength and conditioning training at the ITF Centre of Excellence takes advantage of our wide range of commercial gym equipment, including:

  • Extensive Weight training area (machines, barbells, dumbells, kettle bells)
  • Power Lifting area (deadlift platform, squat racks, bench presses)
  • Cardio area (treadmill, cross trainer, spin bikes)
  • Boxing Ring & Boxing area (heavy bags, speedball floor ceiling ball)
  • Open Mat area for floorwork, agility drills and medicine ball

Upon consultation about your session and program goals, training will be customized to suit your needs.


Strength & Conditioning PT (5 Sessions)


Strength and Conditioning Personal Training sessions conducted under the expert tuition and guidance of highly regarded, and internationally successful fitness professional Michael Muleta.

Michael is the CEO and Head Trainer of Global Fitness Institute, one of Australia’s most respected Health and Fitness education colleges.

Clients are taken through a range of resistance exercises using strength equipment and body weight exercises. Combined with floor, cardio and stretching exercises, these are designed to give well balanced results.

Prior to commencing, an initial consultation is carried out, to ascertain which balance of training methods best suits your needs.

Strength and conditioning based personal training is held at the ITF Centre of Excellence. This venue also doubles as the Global Fitness Institute High Performance Training Centre, in Melton.

Our equipment

Training can be held at a gym of your choice, by arrangement and with that gym’s permission. However, any additional casual fee costs are payable by the client.

Upon your initial consultation, we’ll chat about your session and program goals. Training will then be customized to suit your conditioning objectives. We do not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

The minimum training session is 1 hour.

Optionally, you can book 2 hours for an initial health consultation, skin-folds, program design and orientation.

Initial and Follow up Fitness Testing and health assessments are offered, so that you can track your progress.


Save $$ – train with a friend, simply book for 2 or more people

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