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Peoples Choice Winners – Global Champs

Peoples Choice Winners – 1st Global Champs

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The results are in for the 1st Global ITF Cyber Championships Peoples Choice Awards.

Each winner receives AUD$100 based on the highest number of views, as stated on the YouTube play list, as of midnight 30th September, 2020

Note: there was an error in the original post, which has now been amended.

We are pleased to announce the winners are:

Senior Female Peoples Choice

Winner- Chloe Gavin – Scotland Sam Il Tul, 1,520 views

Runner – Up : Grace Brogan – Scotland Yon Gae Tul, 185 views

3rd place: Grace Brogan – Scotland Ul Ji Tul, 164 views

Senior Male Peoples Choice

Winner : Jin Cheng Ng – Malaysia Ul Ji Tul, 649 views

Runner Up: Michael Stewart – Australia Choong Moo Tul, 579 views

3rd Place : Kman Kerry McEvoy – New Zealand Ul Ji Tul & Yon Gae Tul, 364 views

Junior Male Peoples Choice

Winner : ZHE XUAN, JACOB OW – Malaysia Hwarang Tul ,


Runner Up: Spencer Yap – Australia Choong Moo Tul, 461 views

3rd Place: Spencer Yap – Australia Ge Baek Tul, 348 views

Junior Female Peoples Choice

Winner : JIN ER LIM – Malaysia Choong Moo Tul  3,831 views

Runner Up: JIN ER, LIM – Malaysia Kwang Gae Tul, 1,288 views

3rd Place: Sophie Spark – Scotland Ge Baek Tul, 391 views

Congratulations to all the winners, we’ll be in touch to get your prizes to you all.

Thank you once again to all who supported by participating and by viewing and sharing all the great performances.

In the meantime, get behind all the participants in our current event, United ITF Online National Championships.


Once again we have a people’s choice award for this event, so feel free to like your favourites and share via your social media, club newsletters and mail outs.

With 11 countries taking part, it was a great response once again.

With lots of great events coming up, be sure to subscribe to our channel.



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Medal Placings Are Online Now

Medal Placings Are Online Now

results medal placings

We are pleased to say the medal placings are online for the 1st Global ITF Cyber Championships.

Our judging panel consisted of 3 senior Masters and 7 Sabums from 4 different countries, each scored performances and an average score  was calculated to determine final placings.

Thank you once again to all who supported this event.


Individual Patterns

Under 8 (combined)
1st – Olivia McCuish United Kingdom; 2nd – ZACHARY HO Hong Kong

Male 11-13 Gups (4th – 6th Gup)
1st – Timothy Falkner Australia; 2nd – DAMIEN HO Hong Kong; 3rd-Bryce Hilsabeck Australia

Male 11-13 (1st – 3rd gup)
1st – Makai Holroyd New Zealand; 2nd – XI QI TEH Malaysia; 3rd – ZONG JIAN GOH Malaysia

Male 11-13 (Black 1st Deg)
1st – Kaustubh Lole U.S.A.; 2nd- Ronan Gordon Australia; 3rd -KWOK HING, HARRY HO Hong Kong

Male 14-17 (4th – 6th Gup)
1st – Jonathan Falkner Australia; 2nd – SOON TECK LOH Malaysia; 3rd – JIA HONG, ANDREW TANG MALAYSIA

Male 14 -1 7 (1st – 3rd Gup)
1st – Ragib Khyaju Nepal; 2nd – Kunsang Tamang Nepal; 3rd – Utsab Giri Nepal

Male 14-17 (1st & 2nd Degree)
1st – Ethan Kruger Canada; 2nd – Mason Holroyd New Zealand; 3rd- Kyle Forrest United Kingdom

Male 18-29 (4th – 7th Gup)
1st – JP Mac Pherson New Zealand; 2nd – Dylan Crawley Australia

Male 18-29 (1st – 3rd Gup)
1st – Joshua Bleakley New Zealand; 2nd – ZI JIAN LIU MALAYSIA; 3rd – LINN WEN CHING MALAYSIA

Male 18 -29 (1st & 2nd Degree)
1st – Michael Stewart Australia; 2nd – Joshua Zdybel Australia

Male 18 -29 (3rd & 4th Degree)
1st – David Jue USA; = 2nd – JIN CHENG NG MALAYSIA; = 2nd Connor Nicholls Australia

Male 30-49 (6th Gup – 10th Gup)
1st – Anson Chung Hong Kong; 2nd – Dariusz Redel Australia

Male 30-49 (1st – 3rd Gup)
1st – Marcin Kukialka New Zealand; 2nd – Brendan Baker Australia

Male 30-49 years (1st & 2nd Degree)
1st – Cheyene Keating Australia; 2nd – Hamish Carter Australia; 3rd – James Montier UK

Male 40-49 (4th & 5th Degree)
1st – Carlos Cajigas Puerto Rico; 2nd – Tim Telcik Australia

Male 50+ (5th – 9th Gup)
1st – Ian Oates United Kingdom; 2nd – Mark Greenhalgh United Kingdom

Male 50+ (3rd Degree)
1st – Richard Glennie Scotland; 2nd – Darren Herpich Australia; 3rd – Michael Presnail USA

Male 50+ (4th – 7th Degree)
1st – Kerry McEvoy New Zealand; 2nd – Ruaki Kaiou Cook Islands; 3rd – John Juretich United States

Combined 8 – 10 years (5th – 6th Gup)
1st – To, Ean Chen Hong Kong; =2nd – ZHONG HONG GOH Malaysia; = 2nd – JIA ZHEN, JARON CHONG Malaysia

Combined 8-10 years (1st Gup)
1st – KWOK CHEUNG, EDWARD HO Hong Kong; 2nd – Abigail Montier UK; 3rd – Ellen Oates United Kingdom

Female 11-13 (1st – 4th Gup)
1st – Swikriti Bastola Nepal; 2nd – Reshma Lungeli Nepal

Female 11-13 (1st Degree)
1st – Mia Home Wales; 2nd – Charlotte Montier UK

Female 14-17 (7th – 10th Gup)
1st – Alysia Redel Australia; 2nd – Amy Zhang United Kingdom

Female 14-29 (2nd – 5th Gup)
1st – Purnima Karki Nepal; 2nd – Lillian Duncan Australia; 3rd- -Natasha Turner United Kingdom

Female 14-17 (1st Degree)
1st – Kody Bateman Canada; 2nd – Ketaki Lole U.S.A. ; 3rd – Nikita Nunn Australia

Female 14-17 (2nd Degree)
1st – Marisa Zervos Canada; 2nd – Paris Newton Canada; 3rd – Nikki Olzard Australia

Female 14-17 (3rd Degree)
1st – Chloe Gavin Scotland; 2nd – Joanna Gendall UK

Female 30+ (3rd – 4th Degree)
1st – Ashleigh McNae Australia; 2nd – Grace Brogan Scotland; 3rd – Pui Sze Lo Hong Kong

Female 40-49 (2nd gup – 7th gup)
1st  – Andrea Back Scotland; 2nd – Emma McCuish United Kingdom

Female 40+ (1st Degree)
1st – Lorelei Lucero Canada; 2nd – Suzanne Trevor Australia

Team Patterns

Junior Gups
1st – Greenfields Taekwondo Team A Malaysia; 2nd – Greenfields Taekwondo Team B Malaysia; 3rd  -DEREK FIST SPORTS Hong Kong

Adult Black Belt
1st – Greenfields Taekwondo Malaysia; 2nd – UKTC Scotland; 3rd – One Life TKD Australia

Adult Gups
1st World Class Taekwondo New Zealand; 2nd – Geelong Taekwondo Australia

Self Defense

1st – World Class Taekwondo New Zealand

Multi breaking

Junior Gups
1st – YUVRAJ SINGH – India

Junior Black Belts (male)
1st – Ethan Kruger – Canada

Junior Black Belts (Female)
1st – Marisa Zervos  Canada; 2nd – Kody Bateman Canada; 3rd – Paris Newton Canada

Senior Black Belts
1st – Lorelei Lucero Canada; 2nd – Julian Booth Australia; 3rd – James Montier UK



For those who missed out on competing this time around, or want to put your skills on the line against a different mix of competitors, you are welcome to enter our next event.



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