Canberra Seminar

canberra seminar

The Canberra Seminar will feature Master Michael Muleta, 8th Degree President and Technical Director of United ITF Taekwon-Do Australia Inc, covering Fundamental Movements, their execution and application.

Master Muleta will be conducting a Black Belt Grading and an ITF Masterclass in Canberra, ACT on Saturday 19th November , 2022 

Saturday 19th November

  • 1.00pm-2.30pm – All ranks and ages welcome

On the following day, We will also be conducting the United ITF ACT/NSW Championships.


Sunday 20th November

  • United ITF ACT/NSW Championships

The tournament will be open to all ages and ranks.

It will be held at:

Margaret Hendry school, Taylor ACT


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For any further details, or to book your seminar or grading, Master Muleta can be contacted at


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