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Back on the Mat

Back on the Mat

back on the mat

We are pleased to announced that we are Back on the Mat after the most disruptive couple of years to our tournament circuit, and boy are we back in style.

The 3rd Global Open Championships is being held over the weekend of Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd, April 2023 at the Caroline Springs Leisure Center, Victoria.

It promises to be one of the biggest and most inclusive week of Taekwon-Do activities held in Australia’s 50+ year history. It all happens in Melbourne, Australia

We already have registrations from across Australia, New Zealand, India and Nepal, with messages of intent from some other countries.

 The event is open for all ages, all ranks and all Taekwon-D0 practitioners.

The Global Open Taekwondo Championships will feature both ITF and WT events

  • Team and Individual Sparring
  • Team and Individual Patterns/Forms
  • Self -Defense demo events.


Official Arnold Classic World Championships replacement event

arnold classic tkd

The 3rd Global Open Taekwondo Championships will be the only official replacement event for the previously COVID postponed 1st Arnold Classic Taekwon-Do World Championships

All participants who remained ‘in-credit’ from the Arnolds, will enter this event FREE OF CHARGE.. You do not need to fill in a form, simply send us your updated personal details via email (admin@globalfitness.edu.au)……… so let’s all brush off our doboks and get back on the mat for a great weekend of Taekwon-Do action.

We will even be presenting all the trophies and medals we purchased for that event at the Global Open Champs.


global open competition rules


global open ITFHoF

5th ITF Hall of Fame

On the first evening of the Global Open Taekwondo Championships, we will also be holding our 5th ITF Hall of Fame Induction ceremony.

Nominate your instructors, outstanding students, peers or anybody you feel warrants nomination to the Australasian ITF Hall Of Fame.

We encourage you to not only attend, but to nominate those you feel have much a great contribution to ITF in this region. (more info: itfhalloffame.com)

Places are limited due to venue size, so be sure to book early.

Register for ITF Hall Of Fame Banquet Here

(early bird prices end Feb 28th)

back on the mat

Award Nominations Are Now Open

Nomination Categories include:

  • Lifetime Contribution Award
  • International Ambassador Award
  • Outstanding Athlete award
  • Indomitable Spirit Award
  • ITF World Championship Representative Award

Depending on the nominations received, the organizing committee will reserve the right to elevate outstanding nominees to the ‘Legend of Taekwon-Do’ category.

ITF Sparring zoom

ITF Sparring Videos

ITF Sparring Videos

ITF Sparring Michael Muleta

We are pleased to feature a series of videos from our recent ITF Sparring Seminar on zoom, with Master Michael Muleta and Sabum Justin Chin.

We’ve released the first couple of videos here, and will be releasing more over the next couple of weeks.

If you want to get your first, directly to your inbox, please support by subscribing to our video channel, and leave us a like if you found the video useful.


The seminar was aimed at those new to ITF Sparring, but also has many valuable tips and explanations for those who have been in the ring a few times.

Instructors may also find it helpful, with ideas of how to explain various concepts.

Videos include warm ups, rules, strategies and techniques.

To see the rest, subscribe to our video channel


To organize a seminar for your school or organization, either in person (when possible) or via zoom, be sure to contact us.

Seminar topics may range from:

  • Fundamentals and Technical Training
  • ITF Patterns
  • ITF Sparring
  • Self Defense
  • Philosophy, Ethics
  • Tips for running a school or organization
  • Public Speaking, topic of your choice
  • Health and Fitness related (training, nutrition, motivation etc)

Check out some of our other recent Zoom workshops


ITF Umpiring Roles Sparring

ITF Umpiring Roles and Responsibilities

united itf umpiring

National Umpire Course Notes


These are some recommended ITF Umpiring guidelines used in planning and holding domestic competitions, based on the ITF Tournament Rules.

Note : The ‘Official’ ITF Rules are only applicable to ITF World Championships, and as such much of it is not relevant to in-house, local, state and national level competitions.

A National Organization, or any competition for that matter, should adopt rules that are specific to:

  • the event/s being conducted.
  • the ages of participants
  • the experience levels of participants
  • the objective of the competition
  • the facilities being used
  • the schedule / time available
  • the umpires/officials available

Purpose of the ITF Umpiring Rules

  • Clarify responsibilities of officials
  • Outline scoring criteria for each event
  • Determine eligibility of competitors
  • Outline operational procedures of all events
  • Assist competitors and coaches in event preparation
  • Ensure the safety of all competitors and officials

Characteristics of a good Umpire:

  • Be consistent and fair in all judgements
  • Base all decisions on the Rules of the competition
  • Be assertive and confident in all decisions
  • Display Punctuality and work ethic
  • Be professional in appearance and behaviour
  • Be willing to receive constructive feedback and advice from Tournament Directors
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the rules – updated regularly
  • Integrity, honesty and strength of character
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • To be flexible and adaptable in various official roles
  • Some appreciation and empathy of the competitor’s task
  • Ability to make logical, correct decisions quickly and under pressure
    • Do not engage spectators or competitors while judging.
    • have a basic knowledge of First Aid
    • You must be conversant with all patterns / techniques you are to judge

ITF Umpiring uniform consists of

  • a navy blue blazer jacket,
  • white, long sleeved shirt,
  • navy blue trousers or knee-high skirt
  • navy blue tie (with no other colours or decorations- I.T.F. logo permitted)
  • white socks
  • white gym/Taekwon-do shoes

Alternatively, polo tops may be used where a sponsorship arrangement is in place, or approved by the National Organization.

The Competition area –  Sparring

Ring size should be 7m by 7m square of competition space.

  • There should be at least a 1m safety perimeter (total matted area min. 9x9m).
  • Sparring judges are positioned at each corner.
  • The official Jury table is positioned at the front of the ring
  • There should be adequate distance between the competition area and spectators for safety and integrity of judging
  • Judges should be positioned a safe distance from competition area

Bout Duration


  • Individual elimination and final bouts will be two (2) rounds of two (2) minutes duration with a one (1) minute break between rounds.
  • In the event of a draw, an additional round of one (1) minute will be contested.
  • In the event of another draw, a ‘first point wins’ scenario will occur, which has no time limit.
  • Each team bout will be one (1) round of two (2) minutes.

Bout lengths for younger / older categories are at the discretion of the Tournament Organizers.

Bout Procedure


  •  Competitors will commence the bout on the start positions
  • At the command of the Centre Referee the competitors bow in turn to the Jury table, and then
  • to each other.
  • The Centre Referee will then start the Sparring with the command “SHI-JAK” and the competitors
  • continue to spar until the Referee issues the command “HAECHYO”.
  • At this point the competitors cease to spar and remain where they are until restarted.

Central Umpire (Sparring)

ITF Umpiring Michael Muleta


  •            Control the procedure of the bout
  •             Ensure competitors abide by the competition rules
  •             Allocated penalties where appropriate
  •             Communicate with Jury President
  •             Clearly signal all decisions to judges.

Sparring – Referee Terminology



















Warnings will be assigned for the following offences

  • attack to an illegal target
  • stepping completely out of the ring (both feet)
  • falling down, whether intentional or not (this means any part of the body, other than the feet, touching the ground)
  • holding/grabbing/pushing
  • sweeping
  • faking a blow, pretending to be injured to gain an advantage
  • intentionally avoiding sparring
  • pretending to have scored a point by raising the arm

NB If an athlete is pushed out of the ring with intent (without undergoing a technique) then he will not receive a warning

Note: Any 3 cumulative warnings results in a deduction of 1 point (NOT a foul)


A Foul results in 1 Minus point, and will be awarded for

  • excessive contact
  • loss of temper
  • insulting an opponent in any way
  • biting/scratching
  • attacking with knee/elbow/forehead
  • attacking a fallen opponent
  • attacking to an illegal target with contact
  • excessive or uncontrolled attack
  • continuing to attack after Umpire’s command of Haechyo

Corner Judging



  • To score the bout according to official scoring criteria
  • To have a thorough knowledge of technique 
  • To record and tally scores precisely
  • To be consistent and non-biased in scoring

During the bout:

  • the Corner Referee must be up to date with all the I.T.F. Tournament Rules
  • sit properly and must observe with attention the competitors’ actions record point(s), foul(s) and warning(s)

 At the end of the match:

  • the Corner Referee must deduct one (1) point from the total score for every three (3) warnings
  • deduct one (1) point for each Foul


  • Head and neck area at the front and sides but not at the back
  • Trunk of the body from neck to navel vertically and from a line drawn from the armpit vertically down to the waist on each side (that is frontal area only excluding the back).


In competition a technique is valid when:

  • it is executed correctly
  • it is dynamic, that is to say it is delivered with strength, purpose, rapidity and precision
  • it is controlled on the target
  • contact is made with a legal attacking tool
  • contact is made to a legal target area


One (1) point will be awarded for:

  • Hand attack directed to mid or high section.
  • Foot attack directed to the mid section

Two (2) points will be awarded for:

  • hand attack while in air (both feet must be off the ground) directed to high section,
  • jumping or flying kick directed to mid section
  • Foot attack directed to high section,

Three (3) points will be awarded for:

  • jumping or flying kick directed to high section

What to score:              

  • A single precise blow to an open target.
  • Score only what you see, not what you think you see or hear
  • Do not be influenced by crowd or competitor’s reactions or suggestions

Jury President


Oversee the procedure of the bout

  •  Ensure competitors abide by the competition rules
  •  Communicate with Tournament Organizing Committee
  •  Monitor performance of judges and referees – provide feedback 
  • Scrutinize score sheets and then announce results to Centre Umpire
  • Consult with the Tournament director in regards any appeals


  •  misconduct against officials or ignoring instructions
  • any behaviour deemed to be unsporting, offensive, or not in the spirit of fair competition
  • heavy contact
  • committing any 3 fouls 
  • any competitor suspected of being under influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs


  • all competitions MUST have a designated and qualified First Aid officer
  • when a competitor is injured, the Centre Referee must stop the match and call for First Aid. (The injury to be diagnosed, treated and the Medic to decide about the match continuation)
  • when a competitor cannot fight on because of the Medic’s decision:
    • he/she is the winner if his opponent is responsible
    • he/she is the loser if his opponent is not responsible
  • an injured competitor that is unfit to fight, according to the Medic’s decision, cannot fight again during the event
  • a competitor that refuses to accept the Medic’s decision will be disqualified
  • if two competitors injure themselves at the same time and both are unfit to fight, according to the Medic’s decision, the winner is the contender that has more scored points at that moment. If the competitors are even the Jury President will decide about the bout


Active Participants in this course will be issued a C-Class ITF Umpire Certificate.

This level is issued by the National Organization.

Importantly, regardless of your certified level, you must possess the skills and confidence to effectively control and officiate ITF competitive matches in all events


written by Master Michael Muleta, 8th Degree

ITF Umpire Committee Member 2002-2014

Awarded ‘Outstanding Umpire, 2007 ITF World Championships

President & Technical Director, United ITF Taekwon-Do Australia

grading syllabus

Black Belt Grading Manual Updated

Black Belt Grading Manual Updated

1st – 3rd Degree


Gup Grading Manual ebook

We are pleased to announce that we have made updates to our Black Belt Grading Manual : 1st – 3rd Degree ebook, which is a useful resource for all club instructors and students alike.

The updated version includes video links to all Patterns, Step Sparring, Model Sparring, Foot Sparring and Self Defense routines to assist students preparing for testings up to 1st Degree Black Belt.

The 1st – 3rd Degree Black Belt Grading Manual ebook is available in our Online Store


The 1st – 3rd Degree Black Belt Grading Manual ebook sets out suggested testing requirements to achieve rank advancement in ITF Taekwon-Do. You are free to adopt fully, or modify where you feel necessary.

Gradings are an important aspect of any martial arts training as they should indicate and measure the student’s proficiency in that art, and allow further learning to take place. Gradings should be a test of technical ability, knowledge, indomitable spirit, courage, and attitude.

The Grading syllabus outlines all areas that need to be fulfilled in order to test for rank promotion: these requirements include Patterns, Fundamental movements (Blocking, Kicking, Striking, Stances), Sparring, Breaking Techniques, Terminology and Theory, Self Defense and any additional requirements.

Also note that active training time and attendance requirements are also set out and should be adhered to.

The grading syllabus is designed specifically for all ITF schools to be able to incorporate, encompassing a wide range of self-defense oriented movements and theories, whilst also being consistent with the International Taekwon-Do Federation’s requirements.


global fitness institute

© Global Fitness Institute 2020

Reproduction or on-selling strictly forbidden

Nepal 2020 Muleta

ITF Nepal Seminar by Master Muleta

 ITF Nepal Seminar by Master Muleta

ITF Nepal Muleta 1

Taekwon-Do ITF Nepal organized a 2-day sparring /self-defense seminar followed by the 1st color belt open Taekwon-Do Championship between 7-9th Feb 2020.
ITF under General Secretary, Master Michael Muleta, 8th Degree from Australia, led the seminar and was assisted by the organizer, Mr. Laxman Basnet, President of Taekwon-Do ITF Nepal.

Just on 160 people attended Day 1 of the seminar, being a working day in Nepal, which focused on sparring techniques and ITF patterns. The students worked hard for 6 hours, with only a 30-minute lunch break, benefiting from the close attention and detail covered by Master Muleta.

ITF Nepal Muleta 2On Day 2 the seminar focused on self-defense for almost 200 people in attendance for the whole day. Students were put through many techniques to combat against an assailant, from various grabs, holds, strikes, throws and locks. The seminar was very good and Master Muleta displayed his teaching and class management skills, where he managed to work with every single attendee during the day.

All the students enjoyed the intensive training and learned some new skills and applications from the very popular Senior Master, who was returning to Nepal after coming in 2015 to conduct seminars as part of the Nepal earthquake relief.

We would highly recommend to any country to have Master Muleta come and conduct this seminar.

Nepal Muleta 3On Day 3 it was competition time, with around 200 students participating from 23 different districts in the 1st color belt open Taekwon-Do Championship.

The event was a huge success, where Master Muleta kicked off proceedings with the official opening ceremony and remained to observe the championships and engage with all the competitors, special guests, media and officials.

There were 35 different categories in the Individual Sparring and individual pattern events. The standard was very good for colour belts and Master Muleta noted a significant improvement since his 2015 visit, giving full credit to r Laxman’s hard work and drive in building ITF Nepal.

Many special guests were in attendance including the Chief guest, the Honorable Ganesh Prasad Timalsina, President of the National Assembly of Parliament, along with special guest Master Muleta and Arie Hoogandooran from Netherlands. Also in attendance was Guest Honorary Member and President of the Sports for All commission, Mr.Bishnu Gopal Shrestha, Adviser of Taekwon-Do ITF Nepal and Famous Nepal identity, Ang Temba Sherpa .

ITF Nepal Muleta 4Turkish Airlines General Manager, and event sponsor, Mr.Abdullaha gave out three gift hampers to three gold medalists.

Taekwon-Do ITF Nepal were honoured to present Chief guest to Master Muleta and Mr. Arie with a framed letter of appreciation, for their contribution in promoting Taekwon-Do in Nepal.

President Laxman Basnet gave a Token of Love to our chief guest and other special guests and he informed the audience about what Taekwon-Do ITF Nepal did in the past and what doing in the near future.

Mr Basnet announced that ITF Nepal will be organizing a Technical and Umpire workshop conducted by ITF Vice president Grand Master Nicholls and Master Yogi Chand in conjunction with the 4th Everest Open Taekwon-Do Championship on September 18-20, 2020 in Nepal to promote Taekwon-Do and promote tourism to Nepal during 2020.

Our member of Parliament and other guests gave speeches to motivate and encourage organizers and participants to make an even more more successful event in September 2020.

Thank you to Mr. Laman Basnet and his working party on organizing and hosting such a great and memorable event.

Special thanks to Master Muleta in taking time from his hectic schedule in the lead up to the Arnold Classic Taekwon-Do World Championships, to selflessly share his expertise and genuine love for Taekwon-Do ITF to our leaders and members.

To see more photos from the weekend, visit the


nepal group

Nepal Masterclass with Master Michael Muleta

Nepal Masterclass with Master Michael Muleta
Nepal Masterclass

A Nepal Masterclass is being held in Kathmandu by Master Michael Muleta over the period 7-8th February, 2020.

It will be Master Muleta’s second seminar visit to Nepal in 4 years, having previously donated his services to raise funds for earthquake relief.

There will also be a colour belt championships held on the same weekend.

The Nepal Masterclass will run over two sessions, with the focus on Sparring and then Self Defense.

Students and instructors of all ages and ranks, from all Taekwondo schools are welcome to attend.

Check out the Photo Gallery of Master Muleta’s 2015 seminars in Nepal.

The initiative was borne out of discussions between Master Muleta and Mr Basnet at the time of the Nepal Earthquakes, and an offer of assistance from Master Muleta, who had previously received citations from the ITF for his charity work after the Asian boxing Day Tsunami.

During this event all participants from Nepal and abroad had a wonderful experience, making new friendships, renewing old ones and most of all enjoying Taekwondo in its truest form.

ITF Nepal issued an invitation to Master Muleta to return in 2020 and it is hoped that more participants from more countries will take the chance to come and experience Nepal and its culture, as well as Taekwondo.

Those interested in attending can contact Mr Laxman Basnet

arnold kids 2

Arnold Kids Classic Taekwondo

Arnold Kids Classic Taekwondo

Arnold Kids Classic

The Arnold Kids Classic Taekwondo will run on Sunday 22nd March, 2020 as part of the Arnold Sports Festival Australia.

This event has been added after consultation with some instructors, who were reluctant to put their juniors and novices in an event billed as ‘World Championships’. It also requires families of those competing in the Arnold Kids Classic Taekwondo, to only attend the one day (Sunday).

The event is open to all Children under 14 yrs of age.

We particularly encourage all beginners, colour belts  (black belts welcome also) to enter the Arnold Kids Classic Taekwondo.

As with most competitions, competitors will be matched according to a closest fit policy (age, rank, weight – if sparring)

Competitors Register Here

Coaches Register (Click here)

Umpires register (Click here)

There will be NO HEAD CONTACT in Sparring in the Arnold Kids Classic Taekwondo

arnold kids 2

Arnold Kids Classic Events

WT Style: 

Sparring (individual), Poomsae (individual), Poomsae team (3-5 persons)

ITF style: 

Sparring (individual), Patterns (individual), Patterns team (3-5 persons)

Note: this event is seperate from the Arnold Classic Taekwondo World Championships

Of course, any person wishing to enter both competitions, may do so – however both registration forms need to be submitted seperately.

Note: Coaches who have registered for the Arnold Classic Taekwondo World Championships are not required to register twice. However, any person not registered as a coach  WILL NOT gain access to the competition area.

Spectator Passes include access to both events on the Sunday

Purchase Spectator Ticlets Here

Remember: All spectators under 15 years are admitted FREE of Charge



ITF events

2019 United ITF Nationals results

2019 United ITF Nationals results

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 United ITF Nationals 1

2019 United ITF Nationals – Individual Patterns

Male Adult 5th Degree
1st Kye Todd Azure
2nd Darren Williams Ataru
3rd Phill Zdybel Geelong Taekwon-do

Male Adult 2nd Degree
1st Phillip Bryant Il Shim Taekwon-Do
2nd Kyle Higginbotham Ataru
3rd Jonathan Bielenberg Choong-Moo

Male Junior Black Belts
1st Jackson Riordan Australian Institute of ITF Taekwon-Do
2nd Brendan Graham Goulburn Martial Arts Academy
3rd Joshua Zdybel Geelong Taekwon-do

Female Adult Black Belts
1st Cassandra Watt Precision Taekwon-Do
2nd Rachael Bryant Precision Taekwon-Do
3rd Katrina Cubit Choong-Moo

Female Junior Black Belts
1st Grace Ellis Choong-Moo
2nd Casey Roberts Goulburn Martial Arts Academy
3rd Merrin Eagles Goulburn Martial Arts Academy

Ages 5-8 Colour Belts
1st Demi Mayes Ataru
2nd Charlton Hill Goulburn Martial Arts Academy
3rd Caleb Tapper Goulburn Martial Arts Academy

Ages 9-12 Colour Belts
1st Charlise Grossel Choong-Moo
2nd Rhys Brooker Goulburn Martial Arts Academy
3rd Kailin McDougall AITA Central Coast

Male Ages 10-13 Colour Belts
1st Corbin Copeman Ataru
2nd Jack Seier Ataru
3rd William Turner Goulburn Martial Arts Academy

Male Ages 14-17 Colour Belts
1st Michael Cutrale Azure
2nd Ruhan Shafi Choong-Moo

Female Ages 10-17 Colour Belts
1st Marion Halas Precision Taekwon-Do
2nd Jordan Freeman Azure
3rd Lily McCormick Precision Taekwon-Do

Male Adult White – Green Belts
1st Zhen Hui Gu Precision Taekwon-Do
2nd Timothy Gregg Precision Taekwon-Do
3rd Shiuh Foong Precision Taekwon-Do

Male Adult Blue Belts – Black Tips
1st Henry Dwyer Precision Taekwon-Do
2nd Keegan Knott Precision Taekwon-Do
3rd Sang Yeop Yim Precision Taekwon-Do

Female Adult White to Green
1st Kitta Michelsen Precision Taekwon-Do
2nd Fiona Foley Precision Taekwon-Do
3rd Huiting Wu Precision Taekwon-Do

Female Adult Blue to Black Tip
1st Kym Baillie Goulburn Martial Arts Academy
2nd Kiara Mayes Ataru
3rd Chloe Walsh Choong-Moo

2019 United ITF Nationals – Team Patterns

1st Goulburn Martial Arts Academy Team 1
2nd Goulburn Martial Arts Academy Team 2
3rd Goulburn Martial Arts Academy Team 3

1st Precision Taekwon-Do Team 2 – Rachael
2nd Precision Taekwon-Do Team 1 – Henry
3rd Precision Taekwon-Do Team 5 – Cassandra

2019 United ITF Nationals – Self Defence

1st Alexis Langlands Choong-Moo
2nd Charlise Grossel Choong-Moo

1st Lindy Joy Crouch Geelong Taekwon-Do
2nd Shania Leydon Choong-Moo
3rd Jonathan Bielengerg Choong-Moo

2019 United ITF Nationals – Individual Sparring

Female Adult Black Belts Division 1
1st Rachael Bryant Precision Taekwon-Do
2nd Cassandra Watt Precision Taekwon-Do
3rd Shania Leydon Choong-Moo

Male Adult Colour Belts Divison 1
1st Keegan Knott Precision Taekwon-Do
2nd Ben Serpell Precision Taekwon-Do
3rd Zhen Hui Gu Precision Taekwon-Do

Male Adult Colour Belts Divison 2
1st Cheveau Apanui Goulburn Martial Arts Academy
2nd Henry Dwyer Precision Taekwon-Do
3rd Sang Yeop Yim Precision Taekwon-Do

Female Senior Division
1st Kirsty Haynes Ataru
2nd Katrina Cubit Choong-Moo

Female Junior Black Belts Division 1
1st Merrin Eagles Goulburn Martial Arts Academy
2nd Isabella Pighin Choong-Moo

Male Junior Black Belts Division 1
1st Jae Evans ATI Martial Arts Sunshine Coast
2nd Allen Kappen Hwarang Taekwondo Canberra
3rd Jordon Woods Goulburn Martial Arts Academy

Male Junior Black Belts Division 2
1st Joshua Zdybel Geelong Taekwon-do
2nd Jackson Riordan Australian Institute of ITF Taekwon-Do
3rd Thomas Harmer Goulburn Martial Arts Academy

Male Senior Colour Belts
1st Justin Keast Choong-Moo

Male Adult Black Belts Division 1
1st Darren Williams Ataru
2nd Kye Todd Azure
3rd Tom Perez Hwarang Taekwondo Canberra

Male Adult Black Belts Division 2
1st Phillip Bryant Il Shim Taekwon-Do
2nd Jonathan Bielenberg Choong-Moo

Male Senior Black Belts Division
1st Robert Riordan Australian Institute of ITF Taekwon-Do
2nd Phill Zdybel Geelong Taekwon-do
3rd Kirby Ellis Choong-Moo

Female Adult Colour Belts Division 1
1st Chloe Walsh Choong-Moo
2nd Huiting Wu Precision Taekwon-Do

Female Adult Colour Belts Division 2
1st Kiara Mayes Ataru
2nd Kitta Michelsen Precision Taekwon-Do
3rd Fiona Foley Precision Taekwon-Do

Female Junior Colour Belts Division 2
1st Chloe Cerda Sangrok World Taekwondo
2nd Lily McCormick Precision Taekwon-Do
3rd Charlise Grossel Choong-Moo

Female Junior Colour Belts Division 3
1st Gerrida Grossel Choong-Moo
2nd Marion Halas Precision Taekwon-Do
3rd Elizabeth Alfonso Hwarang Taekwondo Canberra

Female Junior Colour Belts Division 1
1st Demi Mayes Ataru
2nd Alexis Langlands Choong-Moo
3rd Georgiana Keast Choong-Moo

Male Ages 6-10 Colour Belts Division 1
1st Caleb Tapper Goulburn Martial Arts Academy
2nd Tate Gardner Goulburn Martial Arts Academy
3rd Kharn Elward Goulburn Martial Arts Academy

Male Ages 6-10 Colour Belts Division 2
1st Corbin Copeman Ataru
2nd Hudson Wood Goulburn Martial Arts Academy
3rd Ashar Zeb Choong-Moo

Male Ages 11-17 Divison
1st Leland Cerda Sangrok World Taekwondo
2nd Archie Wood Goulburn Martial Arts Academy
3rd Isaac Edwards Goulburn Martial Arts Academy

Male Junior Colour Belts Division
1st Jack Seier Ataru
2nd Xanda Doughty Goulburn Martial Arts Academy
3rd Michael Cutrale Azure

2019 United ITF Nationals – Special Technique

Junior Female
1st Marion Halas Precision Taekwon-Do
2nd Gerrida Grossel Choong-Moo
3rd Lily McCormick Precision Taekwon-Do

Junior Male
1st Cooper Roberts Goulburn Martial Arts Academy
2nd Joshua Zdybel Geelong Taekwon-do
3rd Ben Steele Choong-Moo

Senior Female
1st Shania Leydon Choong-Moo
2nd Rachael Bryant Precision Taekwon-Do
3rd Chloe Walsh Choong-Moo

Senior Male
1st Tom Perez Hwarang Taekwondo Canberra
2nd Phillip Bryant Il Shim Taekwon-Do
3rd Darren Williams Ataru

2019 United ITF Nationals – Power

Junior Female
1st Marion Halas Precision Taekwon-Do
2nd Grace Ellis Choong-Moo
3rd Lily McCormick Precision Taekwon-Do

Junior Male
1st Joshua Zdybel Geelong Taekwon-do
2nd Michael Cutrale Azure
3rd Cooper Roberts Goulburn Martial Arts Academy

Senior Female
1st Rachael Bryant Precision Taekwon-Do
2nd Katrina Cubit Choong-Moo
3rd Kitta Michelsen Precision Taekwon-Do

Senior Male
1st Phillip Bryant Il Shim Taekwon-Do
2nd Ben Serpell Precision Taekwon-Do
3rd Henry Dwyer Precision Taekwon-Do

Master Muleta Puerto Rico Seminar

Master Muleta Puerto Rico Seminar

puerto rico muleta 18

On November 10 – 11, 2018 the Institucion Nacional TKD Puerto Rico held a Master Class with Under Secretary General of ITF Master Michael Muleta, 8th degree.

The weekend began with a 2 hour Black Belt class (inlcuding Red Belts who were testing later that day). In that class, Master Muleta covered some theory of power elements and some other technical aspects. Towards the end of the class, students performed some self-defence manouvers.

A black belt testing followed, where several students were tested and promoted up to 3rd Degree. The test was commanded by Sabum Llauger Castillo and marked by Master Muleta.

In the evening as special dinner was held with Puerto Rico instructors and families. The dinner was to commemorate the 100th Birthday of the Founder of Taekwondo, General Choi Hong Hi.

On day 2, Australasian ITF Hall Of Fame instructor, Master Muleta led 6 hours of ITF training for students of all ranks. The sessions were broken up into 2 x 3 hours. Junior students completed the first session, whilst teens and adults stayed for both.

Master Muleta covered many aspects of TKD during his class and taught us the practical application of ITF techniques. Once again the emphasis was on power, with additional elements covered following on from Day 1.

Patterns were covered across several levels, with Master Muleta pointing out key aspects. Blocking and attacking tools, correct angle & distance, sine wave and stance transitions were all covered in detail.

Students also carried out some sparring exercises, under the watchful eye and instruction of the Former ITF world championships coach, with drills in counter attacking and ringcraft.

We at ITF Puerto Rico are really greatful for Master Muleta’s effort and dedication in teaching us the legacy of our founder.


canberra seminars

Master Muleta Canberra Seminars

Canberra Seminars and Black Belt Grading

Over the weekend of August 13-14th, Master Michael Muleta conducted a series of seminars and degree gradings across Canberra.

The Canberra seminars included Sparring (x2) and Self Defense.

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On the Saturday, Master Muleta ventured out to the Heron Taekwon-Do club, hosted by Sabum Glenn McKinnon.

The day commenced with a sparring seminar which focused on footwork, attacking and counter attacking drills. Students worked hard and enjoyed the session.

After a short break for lunch, a grading was conducted by Master Muleta and Sabum McKinnon. Firstly, all the gup students, followed by 4 students attempting to obtain their 1st Degree Black Belt.

After an exhaustive and comprehensive physical and theory examination, congratulations to Caylin Thompson, Scott Bovey, Peter Lachlan and Jasper Lachlan for passing their black belt testing.canberra seminars

The following day Master Muleta headed across the other side of town to conduct 2 seminars at the Choong Moo Taekwon-Do school in Amaroo, hosted by Sabum Jordan Steele.

The first seminar again covered ITF Sparring, with a high percentage of red and black belts, the session focused again on footwork and drills, but with a greater emphasis on ring craft, strategies and simulated match play.

As there was no grading afterwards, students were pushed to the point of exhaustion and worked very hard in a grueling session.

After a short drink break, seminar 2 then focused on self defense, or more specifically unarmed combat.

Master Muleta covered areas such as awareness and decision making, vital spots and choosing appropriate attacking tools along with covering various self defense scenarios.

Students went through releases, joint locks, take downs and improvisation drills in a solid session.

Thank you to the hosts of both days.


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