Competition Rules

Competition Rules

4th Global Open Taekwon-Do Championships

June 8th, 2024

competition rules

All competitors, coaches and officials must be familiar with the competition rules and guidelines for THIS event.
As this is quite a unique open format event, the competition rules are based on, but may vary from, those applicable to competitions sanctioned and run by the various organizations.

Official Dress Code

  • All competitors MUST compete in a standard Taekwondo uniform / dobok (not shorts, tshirts, tracksuits, street clothes etc). Any colour is fine.
  • All coaches must be in a club tracksuit or similar (no jeans, thongs, casual wear etc)
  • All officials must be in dark navy/black long pants/skirt. A t-shirt will be allocated by event organizers.

ITF Style Categories

ITF Sparring (Individual)


Protective equipment

All persons competing in sparring must bring their own protective equipment.

  • ITF style – gloves, boots, mouthguard, groinguard (compulsory), head guard, arm guard, shin guard (optional)


  • 3 points for Jumping high section kick
  • 2 points for High section kick, Jumping High section hand attack, Jumping Mid section Kick
  • 1 point mid section kick, Mid/high section hand attack

Note: No face punches for children 10 years and under

All ages:

No holding, No pushing, No kicks below waist, No kicks to the back, No use of illegal tools (knee, elbow, head)

Bout procedure:

  • 2 rounds x 2 minutes (1 min rest) – Adults 18+
  • 2 round x 1 min (30 sec rest) – under 10 years
  • 2 Rounds x 1.5 min (45 sec rest) – Juniors & Teens
  • Draw : 1 additional round of 50% standard round length
  • Extra Draw : First point wins, as determined by a minimum of 2 judges.

Judges indicate winners using flags.

ITF Sparring (Team)

team sparring

  • Team must comprise of 3 persons (same gender)
  • As per above, except only 1 round per match (same times)
  • 2 points awarded for win, 1 point awarded for draw
  • Winning team is first to score 4 point.
  • Each round will be 2 minutes in duration

Note: Team Sparring events will only  take place where there is an opponent of same gender and age group. Age group is determined by the oldest member of the team.

ITF Patterns (individual)

ITF Patterns

Participants will perform individually

All gups (colour belts) will perform One (1) Pattern of their most recent grading.

Black Belts will perform 2 Patterns, one (1) optional and one (1) designated by head judge, appropriate to their rank (scores will be added)

Patterns / Tuls will be scored out of 20 points based on factors including:

  • Technical Accuracy (10 pts), Rhythm & Power (5 points each)

Placings will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd (x2)

Where a score is tied, then the applicable competitors will perform again until the scores allow a final result. Judges will nominate One (1) designated patter for any playoffs.

ITF Team Patterns

team patterns

Team may comprise of 3-5 persons (may be mixed gender) – each Team patterns participant MUST be also have registered in that event on their form

Ages Categories (2) : All 18+ will be combined; all Under 18 years will be combined.

Pattern: Team will perform a Pattern of their choice

Restrictions: Participants may only be in ONE team pattern

Judging Criteria :

Special emphasis in this division is placed on how the pattern is synchronized. Team can perform the entire pattern in unison, or can add creativity to the sequence timing, without substituting the correct techniques for others.

  • Technical Content (10)
  • Kicks (judged on proper foot position, height, focus, balance, power, etc.)
  • Hand Techniques (judged on proper hand position, speed, power, focus, tension, etc.)
  • Power (5)
  • Rhythm, Timing (5)
  • Synchronicity or teamwork (5)

There will be 3 judges. Scores will run from 1 -25.

Places will be determined by the top 3 scorers

Where a score is tied, then the applicable teams will repeat the Pattern again until the scores allow a final result. 


WT / Kukkiwon Style Categories

WT/ Kukkiwon Sparring (Individual)

Protective equipment: All persons competing in sparring must bring their own protective equipment.
WT/Kukkiwon style
All protective items COMPULSORY (unless stated)

  • Reversible Chest protector/Hogu,
  • mouthguard,
  • groin guard (compulsory male/ optional female)
  • head guard,
  • arm guard,
  • shin guard,
  • Foot Socks.
  • Gloves 

Reporting to competition area

It is the competitor and coach’s responsibility to arrive at the ring in time for the commencement of their event.

Bout and Ring Numbers will be displayed on each Jury table to correspond with posted draw.

It is recommended that participants be ready, equipped and warmed up at least 2 bouts prior to theirs and wait close to their allocated ring, to allow for possible walkovers or bouts that end early.

Where a competitor does not report the ring at their allocated bout number within 2 minutes of the previous bout ending, the bout will be awarded to the opponent and the next bout will commence.

Missed bouts will not be contested at a later time.


  • Judges will score bouts on superiority
  • Offensive and Defensive Skills plus Variety of Techniques.
  • Judges indicate winners using flags.

All ages:

No holding, No pushing, No kicks below waist, No kicks to the back, No use of illegal tools (knee, elbow, head)

Bout procedure:

Where one competitor wins the first 2 rounds they will be declared the winner, however, if each competitor wins one round each a 3rd round will be played to determine the winner.

3rd Round duration will be the same as Round 1-2 

  • 2-3 rounds x 2 minutes (1 min rest) – Adults 18+
  • 2-3 round x 1 min (45 sec rest) – under 10 years
  • 2-3 Rounds x 1.5 min (45 sec rest) – Juniors & Teens
  • Extra Draw : First point wins, as determined by a minimum of 2 judges.

WT Forms (individual)

Participants will perform on the same mat (1 vs 1)

Competitors may choose to compete in either OR both:

  • Taegeuk / WT Black Belt  Forms
  • Palgwe Forms

Competitors will perform :

Taegeuk/ Koryo

White Belts: Basic Pattern twice

Yellow Belts Basic and Taegeuk 1

Blue Belts Taegeuk 2 and Taegeuk 3

Red Belts Taegeuk 5 and Taegeuk 6

Black Belt Taegeuk 8 and Koryo  

Palgwe Forms

Yellow Belts Palgwe 1 twice

Blue Belts Palgwe 1 and 2

Red Belts Palgwe 2 and 3

Black Belt Palgwe 7 and 8


Places will be determined by top 4 scores – Placings will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd (x2)

Medal to be presented on the court after each event is completed.

Forms will be judged according to presentation and Accuracy using flags.

Special Needs / Para Category

There will be a Patterns / Poomsae category for Para/ Special Needs competitors

Each competitor is to perform 2 x Patterns / Poomsae Routines of their own choice

Divisions will be made according to entries received





General Participant Information


All participants are required to register for this event via the official registration form, within the stated deadlines.

Accuracy of Information

It is the participant’s responsibility (or parents/guardians in the case of minors)  to ensure that all information on their official registration form is true and accurate. We highly recommend you also consult your own coach to confirm details.

Competition Rules

It is the responsibility of the participant and the coach to be fully versed in the competition rules. Attendance and participation by all coaches in pre-event briefings, whether prior on zoom, or on the day is highly encouraged.

Participant Insurance

All participant’s are responsible for obtaining their own accident insurance coverage. Please consult with your instructor, or contact’s your own school’s martial arts insurance provider.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend that all participants visiting from interstate and/or internationally, obtain their own travel insurance to cover any losses incurred. It is your responsibility to disclose to your insurer, the nature of your travel and activities.


It is the full responsibility of the participants to be present and punctual for your event. There will be no refund or rescheduling as a result of lack of punctuality or attendance.


The videos below will assist people with an understanding of the competition rules, particularly as they pertain to ITF Sparring, for those participating in the ITF event categories.






Medal presentations

Shortly after the completion of each category, medals will be presented at the official allocated medal presentation dais.

All medal recipients must be in full uniform (not street clothes), and must be present in person.



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