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Simply enrol in GFI’s Personal Training Combo Course, or book a first aid course for your club/workplace/organization (min 15 ppl), and Global Fitness Institute will pay your entry fee to the Arnold Classic Taekwondo World Championships. That’s right – you compete for FREE.

Offer ends September 30th, 2019

The 2020 Arnold Sports Festival Australia features the first ever

Arnold Classic World Taekwondo Championships

 March 20th – 22nd  Melbourne, Australia

The event is OPEN TO ALL TAEKWONDO PRACTITIONERS regardless of age, rank, nationality, style, gender or organization.

100% politics FREE

Juniors, Teenagers, Adults and Veterans

Traditional style (ITF), Olympic Style (WT/WTF) or Freestyle/Independents welcome

We have Events to cater for all styles

Come along for a chance to see the Terminator himself,  Arnold Schwarzenegger

Exciting New Events

Sparring (WT style) – Individual & Team

Sparring (ITF style) – Individual & Team

WT Poomse – Individual & Team

ITF Patterns – Individual & Team

Self Defense Demonstration

Creative Forms

Weapons Forms

Special Needs

Individual Forms / Poomse / Patterns (SN)

Self Defense Demonstration (SN)

Creative Forms (SN)

Weapons Forms (SN)


Visit the following links below for all the info you need – regular updates will be posted

Competitor Registration Form

Coach Registration Form

Umpire Registration Form

Event Information – logistics

Competition Rules

Event Organizer

Arnold Sports Festival Australia

Contact the Organizer

arnold sports festival

Message from the Organizer

Taekwondo For All  – No Politics

In 2020 we’re taking it to the next level
When taking over the running of the Taekwondo program on behalf of the Arnold Classic / Sports Festival in 2017, my objective was simple, to create the most inclusive environment where all Taekwondo could come together and showcase our great martial art, in all its variations, to the public. All ranks, all ages, all styles – no politics.


In 2019 we enjoyed record numbers across all styles, many travelling far and wide.

In 2020, we embark on our most ambitious mission yet – the first ever Arnold Classic Taekwondo World Championships.

The only World Championships not only open to all Taekwondo practitioners, but also with events that cater for the various styles.

Of course, we can’t reach our goals without your support, so come along and be part of something very unique and special in Melbourne, Australia from 20th – 22nd March, 2020

Michael Muleta, Tournament Director

Arnold Classic Taekwondo World Championships 

CEO, Global Fitness Institute

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2019 Event Report

The 2019 Arnold Classic Taekwondo Championships, or affectionately known as the Arnolds, was a huge success. The event was held as part of the Arnolds Sports Festival Australia in Melbourne on March 16th.

With over 200 participants, we were not only the largest martial arts event of the festival, but also the largest sport.

Congratulations to event organizer, Master Michael Muleta, on once again co-ordinating a large and diverse group of people, from across multiple organizations, to work co-operatively to pull off a great event.

Participants came from far and wide, with ITF, WT and independent schools travelling from across Australia and New Zealand to take part.

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