VISA Application – Invitation Letter Policy

Visa Application
We will issue an Official Invitation letter for your VISA application ONLY
  • after all persons covered in the letter are registered and paid (competition entry fee is NOT refundable regardless of VISA application outcome)
  • All persons included in the letter must provide the following information (Full name, Residential Address, Date of Birth, Passport Number, Passport expiry, phone number and email)
  • we will NOT issue letters for people coming without registered competitors.
  • we will not contact the Australian Embassy or chase up your application on anybody’s behalf
  • We will ask for visual proof that people applying are practicing Taekwondo exponents (proof of rank, school details, link to photo/video of you in action, association details)
  • We will not book your accommodation for you, we can provide details of suggested hotels near the venue only.
  • All requests must be in writing, and written with all the etiquette expected from a martial artist.
  • Do not use the word URGENT or ASAP if you have not yet registered for the event, that will only result in a non-response.
  • if your country does not allow online payments, we will provide bank details for direct transfer. We will send letter upon proof of transfer.
  • We will take no responsibility for the outcome of your application.
Thank you for your understanding.

How do I obtain a VISA ?

For the purposes of your Visa application, all international participants need to check with the Australian Immigration Department, to ascertain whether you require a visa to enter Australia.

Official invitation letters will only be issued after registration has been made and paid.

Prior to applying for Visa be sure to have read through all additional requirements required by Australian Immigration: