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General Information 

Registrations Are Now Open (see links below)

All competitors, coaches and Umpires are required to read through all the event information below, in regards their participation in the upcoming Arnold Classic Taekwondo World Championships event.

Hopefully this will answer all of your questions. Anything not clear to you please use the contact us form and we will direct you to the appropriate information.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the event ?taekwondo promo

The Arnold Classic Taekwondo World Championships runs from 20th – 22nd March 2020

Do I need to be there for all 3 days ?

No you are only required to attend on the days your events are running (please check schedule below)

Competition Venue

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006 (MAP)

Who is able compete ?

All Taekwon-Do practitioners can compete –

  • all ages,
  • all belts,
  • all countries

You can enter either as:

  • An Individual
  • As part of a team representing your Club or Organization
  • As part of your National Body representing your country

Where do I register ?

Registrations are now open

  • Competitors Register Here

  • Coaches Register Here

  • Umpires Register Here

When do registrations close ?

Normal Registrations close February 28th 2020, we have a 1 week grace period for ‘late registrations’ (a  additional surcharge applies).

Can I register and/or pay on the day ?

Only for Spectator entry. All participants, officials and coaches must be pre-registered, and pre-pay, where applicable.

Where can I find the event rules ?

Event rules are posted on the Competition Rules page

Who can compete in this event ?

This event is open to ALL Taekwondo participants, of ALL styles, schools, associations, organizations regardless of nationality, age, race, creed or gender.

Is this event for black belts only ?

NO, ALL ranks from beginner to elite can participate and will be matched accordingly.

Is this event for adults only ?

NO, this event is for ALL ages from 5 years and above, and will be matched accordingly.

What are the age categories ?

  • Tiny Tots (under 7 years)
  • Pee Wees (7 – 9 years)
  • Juniors (10 – 13 years)
  • Youth (14 – 17 years)
  • Adults (18 – 34 years)
  • Veterans (35 – 44 years)
  • Ambassadors ( 45 years +)

What is the event schedule ?

Please refer to the Event Schedule page

Registration / Weigh In 

To allow competitor access to the expo prior to competing, Registration and weigh in will be held in the MCEC Foyer area near the expo entrance :

  • Friday 20th March 8.00am – 9.30am
  • Saturday 21st March 7.30am – 9.00am
  • Sunday 22nd March  7.30am-9.00am

(*Competitors may attend any Registration time prior to their events)

Those who do not report to the registration desk (or collect prior to this time) will only be able to enter the venue via the general public door, with a valid expo spectator ticket.

All participants MUST report to registration, including those who are only doing Poomse / Patterns events.

What are the Weight categories for Sparring ?

* Note weight categories apply to Black Belt divisions only for Adults & Juniors / teens in BOTH the ITF style and WT style Sparring (individual)

Adults/Veterans (18+):

Male: under 60kg, under 70kg, Under 80kg, 80KG+

Female: Under 50kg, Under 60kg, Under 70kg, 70kg+

Teens (14-17) :

Male: Under 44kg, Under 52kg, Under 60kg, Under 68kg, 68kg+
Female: Under 40kg, Under 48kg, under 56kg, Under 64kg, 64kg+

Juniors (10-13):

Male: Under 36kg, Under 42kg, Under 48kg, Under 54kg, 54kg+

Female: Under 30kg, Under 36kg, under 42kg, Under 48kg, 48kg+

All other age groups and all colour belts will be grouped according to ‘best fit’ at the discretion of the organizers, with similar weight increments where possible.

Organizers reserve the right to merge adjoining categories where necessary.

What happens if I don’t make weight ?

If your weight is different from that on your registration, but it does not impact the category, then nothing happens.

If your weight is ‘greater’ than that on your registration, resulting in you being moved up a category, organizers will accommodate this as long as weigh in is PRIOR to the day of sparring, allowing time for rebracketing of the draw.

No changes will be made on the day of competition

Each competitor will have up to 1 week prior to the championships to change their nominated weight on the registration. There will be weigh in opportunites prior to the day of Sparring.

What time is my event ?

Events generally run from youngest categories first.

Sparring draw will indicate bout numbers which will be displayed on each ring.

It is the responsibility of the coach and competitor to be in the ring at the time of your competition. Draws will be displayed in warm up area and all coaches will be briefed prior to competition.

Exact times cannot be given due to many factors which impact bout times, and forced schedule changes – walkovers, injuries, visit by Arnold Schwarzenegger etc.

Do I need my instructor to approve /endorse my application ?

This is NOT a requirement for this event, however students should always be mindful of their own club rules, policies, expectations. We encourage you to take note of the details you put on your form.

Does my own coach / instructor need to attend ?

NO, you may participate as an individual, however you are expected to have a registered coach for sparring events. Unregistered persons will NOT be permitted to coach, nor have access to the competition floor.

What if I don’t know whether I am WTF/WT style or ITF style ?

Check with your instructor or contact the organizers prior to registering.

Can I participate in both styles of Taekwondo events ?

YES you can compete in all events (except Special Needs), as long as you have the correct protective equipment and follow the competition rules.

What if I practice a different martial art ?

You must register at you highest attained rank in any style and agree to participate as per the event rules.

Can I compete in Kickboxing shorts, singlet ?

NO. All competitors must be in Taekwondo Dobok (Karate Gi is also acceptable), must have long pants and long sleeves. It maybe be a different colour, but must still be a dobok / gi.

What weapons can be used for weapons Forms ?

Anything without a live/sharp blade. As spectators are in quite close proximity to the edge of the rings, safety is of paramount importance. 

Do I get an expo pass ?

YES, all participants receive a pass which will give them access to the expo for the day of the competition.

All additional friends, family members need to purchase a General admission ticket via the expo website or at the door. They will enter with the general public from 10.00am.

All spectators under the age of 15 years are admitted free of charge.

Can I leave once my bout is finished ?

YES, you may leave anytime you wish once you are eliminated from your group, or the category is completed. If you are placed in your category we ask that you remain for the medal presentation. Medals will not be posted out post event. You are free and encouraged to enjoy the rest of the expo.

Will medals be awarded at the end of the day’s competition, or at the completion of the category ?

Winners will be announced in the ring at the end of each category. Medallists are free to then take a photograph at the podium. Recipients must be present in full dobok to receive a medal. Medals will not be posted to absent persons.

Is there an official event hotel ?

Yes, the Holiday Inn is the Official Hotel for the Arnold Classic Taekwondo World Championships is 4.5 stars and only 100m walk from the venue. In order to gain special discounted rates for this event, you must use the link below.

Book Accommodation Here

How do I obtain a VISA ?

All international participants need to check with the Australian Immigration Department, to ascertain whether you require a visa to enter Australia.

Official invitation letters will only be issued after registration has been made and paid.

Prior to applying for Visa be sure to have read through all additional requirments required by Australian Immigration: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/temporary-activity-408/invited-for-other-social-and-cultural-activity#Overview

Any Additional Questions ? – Contact Us

We may add more FAQ’s to this list as the need arises.




Wrist Bands /Entry Passes

Expo passes & ID Cards will be ONLY distributed at registration for competitors, coaches and umpires.
This will be the ONLY opportunity to grab your entry wristband/pass.

Competition Draw

There will be no variation to the draw on the day of the Tournament.
In order to make sure all competitors get at least one bout on
the day, we reserve the right to amalgamate weight divisions/rank, age categories/genders at the discretion of the organizers.

We will endeavour to match competitors in the fairest possible way, based on entries received.

The draw will be posted in the tournament venue AFTER registration closes.


Each club is expected to provide a minimum of one Umpire/Referee from each Club/Branch

Umpires can collect accreditation from any of the listed registration times on morning of competition from competitor registration area on concourse

Only those registered in advance and appropriately attired will receive accreditation passes.

Any school who does not provide a competent senior Black Belt Umpire, who works satisfactorily during the entire duration of the event, will forfeit any coach fee rebates.


All participants in the tournament take part at their own risk. The organizer can, under no circumstances, be held responsible for any damages, injuries or loss to individuals or equipment.

Please note : There are NO REFUNDS for withdrawal prior to, or on the day of the event; non-attendance (regardless of reason); failure to report to ring on time resulting in missing bout; disqualification due to incorrect or lack of protective equipment, dissatisfaction with match result.

Refund will be issued only where the event is cancelled. In the event of a postponement, all fess will be carried of to the rescheduled date.

No refund for persons who’s Visa application is rejected, please consider very carefully that you have all evidence required to convince the Australian Government that you are a legitimate participate with every intentiont o return home after the event. The organizers take NO RESPONSIBILITY for rejected visa.


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