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Canberra Saturday 25th May 2019

muleta umpire

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    Practitioners from all organizations are welcome to participate. To receive members' rates, both the Individual and their school must be financial members of United ITF Taekwon-Do Australia for the current year.
    ITF Umpire Certification is only available to registered members of a current INO or MO affiliated to the ITF. (Aged 18 years and above) All Black Belts Under 18 will receive a C-class INO certificate All gup students and those not affiliated to the ITF (Choi Jung Hwa) will receive a Certificate of Participation
  • (Applicable to United ITF Taekwon-Do Australia Inc. INO#23 or MO members only)
  • $ 0.00
    Where participant is under 18 years of age, parent or legal guardian must check this box on their behalf.