Grandmaster Choi Seminar

Melbourne January 27th – 28th  2018

Grandmaster Choi Seminar 4

ITF President and Grandmaster Choi Jung Hwa, the Son of Taekwon-Do Founder General Choi Hong Hi returned to Melbourne, Australia to conduct an International Instructors Course and Masterclass on the National Holiday weekend in January.

ITF President Choi Jung Hwa arrived in Australia on the Australia Day National Holiday on 26th January.

He was accompanied by Taekwon-Do Pioneer, Grandmaster Jong Chan Kim, ITF secretary General Grandmaster Trevor Nicholls and Chris Jung from ITF Public Relations.

The event was held in Melbourne and organized by Master Michael Muleta, President of INO#23 (United ITF Australia).

Instructors travelled from all across the country to attend on the hottest weekend of the Summer, with temperatures climbing above 40 degrees Celsius on both days.

After the formalities and introductions, Grandmaster Nicholls, assisted by Master Muleta, led a series of punching drills and combinations with a focus on power generation, to get the class moving and in combat mode in preparation of what was to follow.

President Choi took the reins and continued with some kicking drills and exercises again along the common theme of execution of power.

After an extensive warm up from Master Rua Kaiou, the afternoon session focussed on Tuls with President Choi.

Day two was a continuation of kicking drill and some more Tul work, with Grandmaster JC Kim then taking the group for a discussion and Q&A session on Taekwon-Do history.

The seminar concluded with a senior testing where Daniel Hickey was successfully tested and promoted to 7th Degree via a panel consisting of Master Muleta, Master Keating and Master Cliff.

Thank you to the Grandmasters for travelling so far and giving up their time and expertise, and to all who attended in support.


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