Master Muleta VRMA Seminar New Zealand

Master Muleta VRMA Seminar



We are excited to announce that Master Michael Muleta, renowned Australian Taekwon-Do Master will be running an exclusive Master Muleta VRMA seminar at Van Roon Martial Arts on Monday 24 June from 6:45pm – 8:45pm.

All ages and belt levels are welcome to register for this unique event!

Seminar fee: $40.00

**Please note: This seminar will take the place of the usual Taekwon-Do class at this time on Monday evening.

(Those that regularly attend Monday night TKD are encouraged to book a make-up session on an alternative night and join us for the seminar) .

As always, if you have any questions please direct emails to us via:
Or call 02040784773

Yours in the martial arts,

Carl van Roon
Director of Van Roon Martial Arts

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Michael Muleta Fitness EducationMichael Muleta is an 8th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor, as well as A Class International Umpire. Master Muleta currently holds the official post of under Secretary General of the International Taekwon-Do Federation.

By profession, he is the Founding CEO of Global Fitness Institute, a leading Educational facility in Australia, specializing in Health, Fitness, Sports and Business Education. Prior to forming this company, he was a Senior Physical Education Teacher from 1990 – 2007.

As well as overseeing the running of the company, Michael still conducts the bulk of the teaching himself, preferring to share his experience and knowledge directly with students.