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ITF International Instructor & Masters Dobok

Size 170cm

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170cm international instructor doboks

170cm International Instructor Doboks 

The 170cm International Instructor Doboks  comes with ITF tree print, ITF print on leg, velcro fasten, drawstring elastic waist, ITF embroidered badge on chest.

Sabum stripes down both arm and both legs

The 170cm size would suit most people between the 60-75kg size

Normally retails around $95.00

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Taekwon-Do Founder, General Choi Hong Hi, modelling the Senior Instructor ITF Dobok.

ITF-style uniforms use a vertically closing jacket. Black belts with have a black trim on the bottom of the jacket.

Higher-ranked black belts, 4th Degree and above, will also have a black trim down the arms. They also have black stripes down the leg. ITF-style uniforms will sometimes have ITF lettering down the leg.