COVID-19 Taekwon-Do Schools Support Programs


Our website partner, Global Fitness Institute is offering Martial Arts School Support Packages to assist them during the huge financial impact of the COVID-19.

With the impact of the forced closures caused by the COVID-19, and the heavy financial toll that it will take on us all, we’re feeling in the supporting mood.

Help us to Help You : the classic win-win scenario

Learn the many ways how you can help us to help you – and the bonus is, none will cost you a cent. No catches, no hooks, no risk…..and no limit to how much you can earn.

Right now with all memberships suspended, all gradings on hold, and no end in sight, any cashflow is better than none. In fact, the more money we give you, the better it is for both of us.

Become a GFI Referral Rewards Program partner

We pay your $500 per person who enrols in our Cert III/IV combo course
That’s $500 for each one !! You don’t have to teach them, just refer them. We do everything else.

Find one a month, that’s $6000 a year…… one a week is $25,000…….one a day is over $180,000

How much you can earn really depends on how motivated and driven you are – the more we have to pay you, the better it is for us, so you will have our full support and encouragement.

Most of your members will be home from work with time on their hands to study online, some may have even lost their jobs and be keen to add a qualification to make them job ready when the restrictions are lifted.

The potential to earn is limitless, take advantage of your data base and get paid simply for referring them to our PT course.

We will create a sign up form where they can nominate your Martial Arts School as their referring agent

We pay you within 48 hours of them signing up and completing enrolment paperwork. Not a week later, or a month later, or never at all …… like some others colleges who promise a lot and give nothing.

We do have lots of other ways you can EARN MONEY WITH GLOBAL FITNESS INSTITUTE, which will be more suited to when your doors are open again, but right now with martial arts schools closed, our referral program is the easiest and fastest way to see some cashflow.