Womens Self Defence Course

womens self defence

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A 3 week Womens Self Defence Course is being conducted in February 2019, under the expert tuition of Master Michael Muleta, 8th Degree Black Belt.

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The course is an introductory program for those looking to arm themselves with some basic, but effective skills.

Adults and Children (from 12 years) are welcome to come along and take part. So mum’s can bring their daughters, sisters, or your own mothers along.

You will learn a variety of techniques designed to help you in any situation where you are being physically attacked.

Participants will develop strategies and methods derived from simple, but effective, martial arts, boxing and kickboxing approaches to defend yourself.

Each Session is conducted with balance of clear technical instruction and conditioning drills. So you will get fitter while learning how to kick ass.

No prior experience is required to undertake these sessions, but each student will be instructed according to their level of ability.

When and Where ?

The Womens Self Defence course will be conducted on 2 more consecutive Tuesdays in Melton, Victoria

  • 19th February
  • 26th February

There are Two session time options are available:

  • Daytime  from 1.00pm – 2.30pm
  • Evenings from 7.00pm – 8.30pm

All Sessions are 90 minutes in duration.

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Those with significant experience, or looking for ongoing training, consider our Personal Training options.

We offer private training in Self Defence, Kickboxing, Boxing and Taekwon-Do.

Similarly, if you wish to book a self defence course for your workplace, school or club Contact us .

Why women need to learn self defence ?

Violence against women is a serious and widespread issue in Australia, as well as throughout the world. While the long term goal is education to stop violence against women, there are strategies women can employ right now. Here are our 7 very simple reasons you should consider taking a women’s self defence class.

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