what happens now

Ok so, here’s what happens now.

Thank you to all participants who registered and submitted videos for the 2021 United ITF National Championships online.

Thank you to those participants from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Nepal, Malaysia and United Kingdom.

So many of you are probably wondering what happens now ?

Ok so, while you are waiting for the last videos to be submitted and the judging process to begin, here’s a few things you can do in the meantime.

Subscribe to our video channel

See the videos as soon as they each go live

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In the meantime, our team of judges will start scrutinizing and scoring all the videos as soon as they are all live online over the next couple of days.

Once all the videos have been scored, we will announce the placings. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place will be awarded in each category. We are aiming for results to be announced by the end of next weekend.

A summary of results will be made available, via a weblink, to all participants and coaches.

Medals will be posted your coach where there are multiple medals from the 1 school, or to individuals where you are the only representative from your school. We commence this process around 1 week after results are announced.

As we found in past online competitions, the mail services are somewhat slower than usual as a result of Covid19 impacts. In some countries, it has taken 6-8 weeks, so we ask that you please be patient.

what happens now cash prizes

We’re giving away money

As per past online competitions, we’re giving away some cash prizes to the most popular videos, as decided by the general public. These may not necessarily be the videos that win their division in the competition.

Maybe you’re the most stylish, or the best looking, have the best hairstyle or just that you are super popular in the cyber world.

$100 to the most viewed video (male)

$100 to the most viewed video (female)

$100 to the most overall video likes

Prizes will be decided by statistics, based on Melbourne, Australia time zone, as per Midnight Sunday 21st November, 2021

* winners must be channel subscribers prior to the announcement of medals (Sunday 13th November)

Promote your video to friends, clubmates & family

Post your custom video link on your social media, share it with family, friends and members of your school (click ‘share‘ on your video to get the link)

Note: if you simply upload your video file, it will not contribute to the view count.


Thank you all once again for your great support.

We’ll be in touch again when results are finalized.


Michael Muleta, 8th Degree

Organizer, President United ITF Taekwon-Do Australia


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In the meantime, check out the great videos from our previous competition late 2020.