United ITF Online Nationals

Entry Confirmation

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Congratulations and thank you for registering for the United ITF Online National Championships, this page is your entry confirmation.

While we’re waiting for results to come back from the judges, enjoy all the videos from this year’s event:

Please note that final acceptance of your registration depends on entry fee payment.

To assist you we have provided the following guidelines.


All registrations must be made by Midnight Sunday 31st October, 2021

All videos must be submitted prior to midnight Saturday 6th November, 2021.


Results will be announced over the weekend commencing 13th November, 2021

Please read through the Event Rules & Guidelines page

Video Upload Link 

(You can alternatively put your videos in your DROPBOX for us to download)

Video must be saved as an mP4 file.

You MUST film your video in landscape (horizontal) mode

Black Belts please perform BOTH patterns on ONE video

Please save file as ‘your name – name of pattern/s or other event eg breaking’

You can submit your video any time prior to the deadline.

Videos will not be published until all registrations have closed.

All videos will be made viewable on our YouTube page, so you can see the performances of all other entrants, share to your pages, members and friends etc.


Certificates of Participation – all participants will receive and electronic certificate of participation.

Medals – All winners will receive medals posted to your instructor (in non lockdown areas), or to your address, as per entry form (in lockdown areas)

Competitor /Official Dress Code

  • All competitors MUST compete in a standard Taekwondo uniform / dobok (not shorts, tshirts, tracksuits, street clothes etc). Any colour is fine.

Guidelines for filming and procedural etiquette:

Camera must be positioned front and center to performance, capturing the entire performance and all participants.

It is recommended camera should be placed a minimum of 5 meters away from performed (up to 10 meters for team events) – a trial run is recommended to get distance correct.

If entering multiple events, each event must be submitted as a separate video (uploaded to a link provided closer to the event)

You MUST film your video in landscape (horizontal) mode

Black Belts please perform BOTH patterns on ONE video

The file must be saved as the competitor’s name and event (eg: Fred Smith Individual Patterns)

All participants must commence facing the camera standing at attention, and bow prior to commencement and upon completion.

It is permitted (and encouraged) to commence the pattern by saying your name, club, country and name of pattern.


Any issues, questions or clarifications – please use the CONTACT US page


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