Kmans Martial Arts Club

KMAN’S Martial Arts is a small high performance martial arts club that teaches modern martial arts founded on traditional values.

Founded and instructed by multiple World Martial Arts Champion, Kman McEvoy (5th Dan Black Belt), it is a place where the building of a persons character is more important than building martial arts skills.

Kman teaches the skills, principles and values that will build your character, confidence, martial arts skills and life to a world class level.

Students abide by the DRAGONS Code

  1. Discipline – do what you have to do no matter what

  2. Respect – respect yourself, others and all things

  3. Attitude – be positive and see the positive in all situations

  4. Gratitude – be thankful for your past lessons, current position and future opportunities

  5. hOnesty – tell the truth always

  6. Never Give Up – keep moving towards you goals no matter what the setbacks

  7. Spirit – live with honor, do your best, be humble in victory and gracious in defeat


Head Instructor


“You do not rise to your level of expectations, you lower to your level of training”

5th Dan Black Belt, Multiple World Champion, Masters Degree in Exercise Science.

Kman has been doing martials for over 47 years and has black belts in Taekwon-Do, Kickboxing, Karate and a Brown belt in Judo. He is a multiple World Champion in Taekwon-Do, Open Martial Arts and Weaponry, and a multiple national champion in Taekwon-Do, Judo, Kickboxing, Karate, Open Martial Arts and Weaponry.

He was inducted into the Taekwon-Do Hall of Fame (Australasia) and has been awarded the International Taekwon-Do Fighter of the Year.

He has trained multiple World Champions and hundreds of individuals to a healthier and happier life.

When he is not doing Martial Arts he is the owner of the Max International Fitness College educating and qualifying Exercise Professionals.

Dojang Location :

26a Ree Crescent, Cromwell 9310 New Zealand