Geelong Taekwondo



Taekwondo school incorporating all aspects of Taekwondo from both ITF & WT.
Lead By Phill and Joshua Zdybel a Father & Son Team who were Both inducted to the Australasian ITF Hall Of Fame in 2020
Phill Zdybel
Multiple State and National Champion
Australian Representative World TKD Championships ITF 2004, 2010 (Bronze Medalist Sparring & Power Breaking), 2014 & 2018 (Head Coach)
Junior Coach, 2006 World Junior Championships ITF.
Australian Representative World TKD Festival 2008 & 2010 (Silver Medalist Sparring and Bronze Medalist Power (WT) Kukupa Foot)
Diploma of sports coaching
Joshua Zdybel
National Champion 2013
Australian Representative World TKD Championships ITF 2014
( Silver Medalist Sparring) & 2018
Australian Representative World Cup 2014 (Silver Medalist Patterns & Bronze Medalist Sparring
Australian Representative World TKD Festival 2010 (Bronze Medalist Creative Poomsae (WTF) )
Classes are for all ages and all ability’s. Adapted Taekwon-do for specials need is catered for and incorporated into our main stream classes.
Typical Class Could Include an Education & Training In;
Kicking & Boxing, Wrestling & Grappling, Balance & Focus, Coordination, Stick Fighting, Knife Defence, Strength & Endurance, Patterns (Tul & Taegeuk),
Special Techniques, Power, Adaptability & Problem Solving
Instructors are internationally qualified
Private, Semi Private or Group Lessons
Bookings are required

Classes at:

193 Purnell Road
Corio, Victoria 3214
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Monday to Thursday During School Terms 5pm to 8pm
Tuesday and Thursday Mornings 6am to 7am

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