The Bottle Cap challenge has been an internet sensation that has taken the world by storm, and we are excited to announce the:

World’s First Bottle Cap Challenge Championships

Sunday 14th July – Caroline Springs Leisure Centre (map),

Kick off from 11.00am

bottle cap challenge

All ages and all ranks are welcome to enter.

There will be 4 age categories in each of Male & Female :

Adult (18+), Teens (13-17), Junior (9-12) and Pee Wees (- 9 years)

Prizes up to the value of up to $500 will be awarded

If you can’t make it, You can WATCH IT HERE LIVE

Supported by:

The Event will be telecast by MySportLive

Register Here:

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    (as at 14th July, 2019)
    Competitors registered in the Victorian Open Taekwondo Championships on Sunday 14th July will receive a discounted entry to the Bottle Cap Championships.
    If participant is Under 18 years of age, parent/legal guardian must complete this section.
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Rules of competition

In each age category, each competitor will get one warm-up attempt.

The each person will get one (1) attempt at:

Reverse Turning Kick (or Spinning Heel Kick)

All successful attempts will progress to the next round, all those who miss are eliminated.

Subsequent rounds are held until only 1 successful competitors remains, who will be deemed the World’s First Bottle Cap Challenge Championship winner.

The Techniques will be as follows:

Round 1 : Turning Kick (Dollyo Chagi)

Round 2: Reverse Turning Kick (Bandae Dollyo Chagi)

Round 3: Jumping Reverse Turning Kick

Round 4 (if required) : 360 degree Turning Kick

Any further techniques, if required, will be decided by the judging panel.


The Foot must make contact with the bottle cap and bottle neck ONLY.

The bottle cap must be removed from the bottle as a result of the kick.

The kick must be performed at full speed, not in a slow motion.

Any kicks where the foot kicks the bottle, even if the cap is removed, shall be deemed inelgible.

The judge’s decision is final, no further correspondence will be entered into.