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Train with the Best - Huge success
Report by Christian Oriolani:
Ms Silvia Farigu and Mr Christian Oriolani travelled to Australia for 3 special classes hosted by Master Muleta (7° degree, ITF Expansion and Scientific Research committee).
Ms. Farigu and ...Mr. Oriolani arrived to Australia on 13th January, and the first weekend Master Muleta organized a special tour that included cities like Sydeny, Cairns, Gold Coast and aborigenal experiences, barrier reef and typical activities.

The first classe was organized in Brisbane with the support of Mr. Chris Galibert.
Over 35 people trained for 5 hs in a very hot day. The morning was dedicated to patterns and techniques. They were practised Patterns up to Samil and many strenght exrecises for legs.
Colour belts also practised traditional sparring and Mr. Farigu and Mr. Oriolani spoke about rhythm.
The second part of the classes was dedicated to sparring exercises. Many international competitors were present, so the class was quite strong.
The most important points were presented were: distance, timing, contact, resistance, reflex and fight analysis.

The other two classes were organized in Melbourne. The first one had the special presence of Master Keating and Master Cliff and of course Master Muleta, that practised together with their students.
Over 45 people took part to the class that started with some questions about training and tkd life and experiences of Ms. Farigu and Mr. Oriolani.
This class was structured like the previous, with some changes. More patterns were practised and during the sparring part  were showed different exercises also about lateral and backward movements.
The third class took place in the Usma school of Mr. Cariotis, were 25 people came for 3hs classes with Ms Farigu and Mr. Oriolani.

A special thanks from Ms Farigu and Mr Oriolani to Master Muleta and all the australian people for their hospitality and to give us the opportunity to visit a very special country like Australia and share our passion with them.

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Master Muleta Canberra Masterclass
ITF students in Canberra took part in an ITF Masterclass conducted by United ITF Australia President and Technical Director, Master Michael Muleta.
He was hosted and assisted by Sabum Glen McKinnon.
The seminar focussed mainly on the practical application of theory of power and fundamentals.
This was followed by a degree testing from 1st - 3rd degree.

canberra masterclass.jpg

Master Muleta Brisbane Masterclass
brisbane masterclass.jpg 
A masterclass was conducted in Brisbane on Sunday November 25th by Master Michael Muleta, United ITF Australia President & Technical Director.
The seminar was attended by many students and instructors from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Rockhampton. 
Participants were taken through application of fundamentals and the practical applications of the theory of power.
The Masterclass was followed by a Black Belt testing where 9 candidates tested from 1st - 4th Degree.
Stephanie Galibert : 4th Degree

stephanie.jpgCongratulations to United ITF's newest 4th Degree Black Belt, Stephanie Galibert from Brisbane.

Stephanie was promoted after a comprehensive testing and seminar conducted by United ITF Australia President and Technical Director, Master Michael Muleta.
It caps off a sensational year of personal achievements for Stephanie, which included her Gold Medal in Adult 3rd Degree Patterns at the 2012 ITF World Championships in Canada.

Stephanie's level of commitment and support for United ITF have been second to none over a long period of time, and she adds to the growing list of promising young 4th Degree's coming through the ranks of United ITF, which augers well for the future.

White Herron Junior Tournament
2.pngOn 15 September 2012 White Heron ran its first Junior Tournament with both sparring and patterns divisions.  The competition used the standard International Taekwon-Do Federation rules and was structured based on the tournaments hosted by our national governing body, United ITF.  White Heron Blackbelts worked on their scoring and judging skills while the free-sparring and patterns competitions were run concurrently. 
Success at 2012 ITF World Champs


The Australian Team performed very well at the 2012 ITF World Championships in Ottawa, Canada recently.

Below is a list those who won medals, in total Australia bought home 40 Medals, an outstanding effort.

Stephanie Galibert – Gold Individual Patterns; Gold Team Power

Natalie Astwood – Bronze Individual Sparring; Gold Individual Power Breaking; Bronze Individual Special Technique; Gold Team Power

Leon Weber – Bronze Power Breaking

Jasmine Butler - Bronze Power Breaking; Silver Team Sparring; Bronze Team Power

Chantelle Fuller – Silver Team Sparring

Demi Samaras – Silver Team Sparring; Bronze Team Power

Brenna Dadd – Silver Team Sparring; Bronze Team Power

Joshua McKinnon - Bronze Individual Sparring

Simone Warner – Bronze Individual Sparring; Gold Team Power; Bronze Team Special

Richard McKinnon - Bronze Individual Sparring

Kimberly Warner – Bronze Individual Patterns; Silver Team Sparring

Bronny Peacock – Bronze Individual Patterns

Jodi Stanton – Bronze Individual Patterns; Bronze Individual Sparring

Sasha Robertson – Bronze Team Special

Amie Hockenhull – Bronze Team Special

World Open Tournament

Ryan Samaras – Gold Individual Power; Silver Individual Pattern; Silver Individual Sparring

Maddy McKinnon – Gold Junior under 14 Sparring; Silver Junior over 13 red / Black Pattern; Silver Junior under 14 Special

Matisse Galibert – Silver Junior under 13 Black belts Pattern; Bronze Junior girl under 13 Black belts sparring

Luke Sheehan – Gold Senior male over 35 Power Breaking

Mat Sheehan – Bronze Junior under 14 Sparring; Silver Junior under 14 Pattern; Silver Junior under 14 Power

Congratulations to all the competitors, coaches and officials who participated in the event.

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Senior Degree Testing Results

Congratulations to those who undertook Senior Degree Testings at the conclusion of the Grandmaster Choi Jung Hwa seminar. Particularly to our two newest Masters.

  • Master Noel Keating (7th Degree)
  • Master Neil Cliff (7th Degree)
  • Daniel Hickey (6th Degree)
  • Tay Cher Liang (4th Degree)

Senior Testing photo gallery

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